I think that when you saw the title, you should know it is a lie, as there is no one who got the answer, when you look in this passage with just a click, without a hesitation,then it become a deceptive one.
the difference between lie and sharper is one thing wrong but you accept, while the other not, I am not a judge,but it is a judgment……if all of us think this should be obvious, or maybe I am too weak, I have taken so much time to understand it ,something more serious, there is no one who mention it to me for so long a time.
the reason why I write this in this way, no Chinese, just for fun, the best funny thing is that someone believe it, maybe someone will reproduce it, in fact, which just something born for nothing, except for catching your eyes, you can think as this, I donot, then why people make lie and prefer it to be a deceptive thing? Maybe there is nobody get the answer, except the one who make it.
Ok, a different way should have a different ending, so ended!

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